Degree Plan

Are you interested in pursuing an Associate of Arts in World Languages from Austin Community College? Click here to learn about WOLA’s degree program.


Many college-credit courses have what are called “prerequisites.” A prerequisite is an academic requirement that students much fulfill before they may be permitted to undertake a course. Click here to learn more.

Credit By Exam

Credit by examination is a way to earn college credit without taking a class. Click here to learn about the ACC Challenge Exam and the CLEP.

Honor Courses

Honor courses are deliberately more challenging and designed with self-motivated individuals in mind as greater independence and responsibility are expected from the students. Click here to learn more.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning (DL) allow students the convenience of using interactive technology to access coursework virtually anytime and anywhere that’s suitable for their schedule. Click here.

Hybrid Courses

A hybrid course is one in which the education is split evenly between face–to–face and web–based lessons. Click here to learn more.


If you are planning to transfer, it is never too early to begin charting the courses you should undertake with transferability in mind. Click here to learn more.