Our foreign language program is designed to be suitable for both students pursuant of two–year Associate’s degree and students wishing to transfer into a four–year Baccalaureate degree granting institution. If you are planning to transfer, it is never too early to begin charting the courses you should undertake with transferability in mind.

Transferability refers to the articulation agreement between institutions of higher learning that the college–credit you received at one school will be accepted as the equivalent college–credit at another school. For instance, if you receive credit for SPAN 1411/Spanish 1 at Austin Community College, it will be articulated as equivalent credit for SPAN 1410/Spanish Beginning 1 as offered at Texas State University.

You may consider meeting with a counselor or academic advisor to discuss whether or not it would be beneficial for you to complete an associate degree before transferring. Statistically, students with 60 or more transfer credits from ACC have a higher GPA at their transfer institution than those who transfer with fewer hours.