Credit by examination is a way to earn college credit without taking a class. If you feel that your facility with one of the languages offered by the Department of Foreign Languages is advanced enough whereby you could take a test to demonstrate that you meet or exceed the proficiency required to pass a particular course level, then credit by examination might be a good option for you. There are three ways by which you may receive foreign language college credit through examination: (1) AP/IB Exam scores, (2) the ACC Challenge Exam, and (3) the CLEP National Exam. Deciding which one may be best for you will depend largely on your situation.

Advanced (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit by Exam

Please refer to the 2023-2024 Course Catalog for up to date minimum scores required. You can also follow our departmental guide to ACC AP & IB Minimum Scores for credit. This is only an option if you already have existing qualifying scores obtained in high school.