A hybrid course is one in which the primary teaching methods are split evenly between face–to–face and web-based formats. It will combine the best practices and take advantage of the respective strengths of both kinds of courses. A standard, face–to–face Spanish course meets twice a week for 2 hours and 15 minutes each time. In a hybrid course, you will still meet twice a week, but for half the time. There will be web-based activities in place of the rest of the class time. These courses are designed for students who ideally have previous language experience and who enjoy a faster paced class.

Courses Offered

Currently the Department of Foreign Languages has Hybrid Course offerings for the following courses:

  • Spanish 1 (SPAN 1411) — available Fall and Spring semesters
  • Spanish 2 (SPAN 1412) — available Spring semester only

For more information about Spanish Hybrid Courses click here.