Are you interested in pursuing an Associate of Arts in Foreign Language degree from Austin Community College?

The acquisition of a foreign language will serve you well. It will better enable you to travel abroad and explore other cultures, it will lend you a competitive edge in the job market no matter what the field of endeavor may be, and it will be an impressive feature on your academic transcript to college recruiters. Your decision to obtain an Associate’s Degree in Foreign Language will be challenging but will yield a rewarding world of opportunities for you.

Our degree program is designed for transfer to a four-year college/university as well as being appropriate for anyone desirous of a solid foundation in ArabicChineseFrenchGermanItalianJapaneseKoreanLatinRussian or Spanish. We strongly encourage students who are interested in obtaining an Associate of Arts in Foreign Language degree to contact our departmental office for more information about this program.


What course work does an Associate’s in Foreign Language at ACC require?

Please review our Degree Plan.

Which classes on my transcript will apply toward this degree?

Please refer to our Degree Plan Worksheet to help you figure out which credits may apply and what credits you still need. Please feel free to visit or contact our departmental office for assistance with degree planning.