Course Description:

This course is designed for students who can already communicate in Spanish by having lived among Spanish speakers, yet need further formal training to improve their Spanish proficiency. The emphasis of this course is to enhance students’ listening comprehension and reading, writing, and speaking skills within a cultural context. This course is taught completely in Spanish.


This course is equivalent to SPAN 2311. Credit will not be given for both SPAN 2313 and 2311, nor will you receive credit for SPAN 1411 and 1412. If you need credit for SPAN 1411 and 1412*, you can take those courses or receive credit by exam. To obtain information on credit by exam go to

*The Spanish Department at ACC offers challenge exams for SPAN 1411 and SPAN 1412 for non-speakers and Spanish-speakers. If you speak Spanish, it is recommended that you take the SPAN 1411 and SPAN 1412 Challenge Exams for Spanish-Speakers. You will need to earn an “A” or a “B” on your exams in order to be awarded college-credit for having taken the exam. While you are taking SPAN 2313 and 2315, your professor will guide you in taking the SPAN 1411 and SPAN 1412 Challenge Exams for Spanish-Speakers. Consequently, you will be earning credit for 4 semesters in 2 semesters; which will save you time and money! Note: The SPAN 1411 and SPAN 1412 Challenge Exams for Spanish-Speakers are only available for students taking SPAN 2313 and 2315.


This course does not have prerequisites. If you have additional questions or if you are not sure that your language skills are appropriate for these courses, contact Rosa A. Dávila, 512-223-3342, [email protected]; or Vanessa Lazo, 512-223-0087, [email protected].