Distance Education (DE) courses afford a means by which students may earn college credit without attending classes in a traditional classroom setting on campus. Instead, students have the convenience of using interactive technology to access coursework virtually anytime and anywhere that’s suitable for their schedule.

DE courses are not self–paced, they run during the same sessions as traditional on–campus courses and there will be deadlines for completing tests and other assignments. All work must be completed by the end of the session and final grades are not mailed until the end of the semester. DE courses are fully accredited, they will award and transfer the same credit as a traditional class. Enrollment limits do apply to DE courses so be sure to register early. When you register for a foreign language DE course, expect there to be a mandatory online orientation, among other items, due in the first few days of the course. Please contact the DE instructor of the class you are interested in for info about orientation and the course.


The Department of Foreign Languages currently has Distance Learning (DIL) course offerings in all 10 languages offered in our department. Some languages only offer the synchronous (DLS) distance modality, whereas other languages offer asynchronous (ONL) options as well.


Before You Register for a Distance Education Course:

  • Visit Distance Education 101 to learn more about Distance Learning at ACC, and get a better understanding of whether a DE course is a good choice to meet your learning style, needs, and expectations.
  • Explore your compatibility with distance education through the Learning Style Assessment.
  • Measure your technology skills and find tutorials to develop, review, or renew those skills in theTechnical Skills Checklist.
  • Find definitions for technical terms in the DE Glossary.
  • Participate in the interactive Path to Success workshop to learn the basics of distance education at ACC, acquire study tips and strategies, and discover college-wide services as well as support especially for DE students.

For more detailed information about Distance Education courses, please visit the
DE website.