Many college–credit courses have what are called “prerequisites.” A prerequisite is an academic requirement that students much fulfill before they may be permitted to undertake a course. In Foreign Languages, prerequisites are particularly important because our courses are sequential—each level is a direct continuation of the preceding level therefore it is critical to have the appropriate foundation laid before entry into the course is granted.

In general, students are responsible for successfully completing the prerequisite with a grade of “C” or better before registering for a specific course. Students may also be expected to have a minimum number of credithours in the preceding course. Within a given time frame at the onset of each semester or session, students are expected to provide proof to their professors that he or she had met the course prerequisite.

In addition to meeting the standard prerequisite requirements for the course, the Distance Learning and Hybrid classes have additional requirements. Please visit Distance Learning Courses and Hybrid Courses to learn more. Honor courses have the same prerequisites as regular courses, but enrollment is restricted. Please visit Honor Courses to learn more.

Click on the language link below to find out what prerequisite, if any, applies to the particular course(s) you may wish to enroll in.