The Peace & Conflict Studies Center offers professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to learn and practice conflict transformation skills.

The PACS Center training takes the approach that conflict can be a catalyst for social change and places primary emphasis on the question of social justice. The training includes an exploration of how identity and power imbalances affect the development and resolution of conflict.

Conflict is a natural part of every relationship that can be either a destructive force or a stimulus for creating constructive change. We can learn how to respond in ways that maximize conflict’s potential for positive change.

Peace & Conflict Studies workshops will cover the core skills of conflict transformation. Participants will learn and practice skills related to understanding the roots of conflict, identifying their own and others’ emotions, interests, and positions, and facilitating collaborative problem solving.

This skills training currently takes the form of a Conflict Transformation Academy that takes place in two parts: Level I and Level II. Those who have complete Level I will be invited to participate in Level II.