Peace & Conflict Studies Special Topics Courses

Peace & Conflict Studies offers several special topics courses in a variety of disciplines. These courses are similar to traditional classes, but are PACS-themed. Majors must take at least two (2) of the following special topics courses to complete their AA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Peace & Conflict Studies. These courses are listed as INDS Restrictive Electives in the degree plan, but note that the course must have a course title or description themed as PACS in order to qualify for this requirement. In total, students must take a two (2) PACS courses and three (3) other INDS Restricted Electives to complete their degree.

When registering, please check the course title and/or course notes description to make sure that the section is designated as PACS themed. While these courses fulfill our degree requirements, we encourage any students interested in Peace & Conflict Studies to sign up.

Our PACS special topics courses include:

COMM 2366: Introduction to Cinema
DRAM 1310: Theatre Appreciation
EDUC 1300: Effective Learning
ENGL 1301: Comp I Liberal Arts Gateway
ENGL 1302: Comp II Liberal Arts Gateway
ENGL 2307: Nonfiction-Digital Storytelling
ENGL 2307: Memoir
HUMA 1301: Humanities: Prehistory to Renaissance
HUMA 1302: Humanities: Renaissance to Present
PHIL 1304: Introduction to Comparative Religion
PHIL 2306: Ethics
PSYC 2301: Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 2314: Human Growth and Development
PSYC 2389: Academic Cooperative
SOCI 1301: Introduction to Sociology

Note: PACS majors may apply these special topics courses toward their core degree requirements instead of the INDS Restricted Elective. If a student has satisfied the requirement of taking two (2) INDS Restricted Electives requirement themed as PACS as their core curriculum courses, the student may take additional PACS courses or select courses from our INDS Restricted Electives list instead.

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