The Peace & Conflict Studies Center supports the Interdisciplinary Studies Department in offering an Associate of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Peace & Conflict Studies (PACS). Students in Peace & Conflict Studies will use the lenses offered by the arts, humanities, and physical and social/behavioral sciences, to study conflict, human rights, and social justice. These courses thoughtfully interrogate the roles history, psychology, politics, society, and culture play in engendering conflict and its resolution. 

Through these various lenses, the overall focus of the degree program is to explore strategic, non-violent ways to create equitable arrangements of power and resources in the interests of peaceful coexistence. PACS students gain professional experience through PSYC 2389: Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Internship, the required internship course, which combines the seminar format with hands-on application of these principles in practice.

Link to the ACC Catalog for a list of course descriptions in the degree plan. Link to the program map.