Multiple levels of instruction to help you

ACC’s ESOL program is an excellent choice for students who want to prepare for a degree program at Austin Community College or to transfer to another college or university.  Our courses are designed to prepare non-native speakers for success in reaching their educational and professional goals.  Although ESOL classes were created for degree-seeking students, professionals who have completed degree programs in their native countries can improve their English skills for greater success in their career fields.

Because the ESOL program is designed to develop academic-level proficiency, prospective students should have a basic understanding of English before enrolling in courses.

We offer four levels of classes, low intermediate to advanced. You will increase your English mastery as you advance through the course levels. Note: ESOL does not have classes for beginners.

Before you register: If you are a new student, you must complete the ESOL Start Here Form , placement testing and other steps before you register.

Length of study

Some people learn English very quickly, but most require more time. Progress depends on the time you study and practice. In general, each course requires six to nine hours of study outside class per week. Free tutoring is available.

Courses & Levels

Oral Communication

Level 1 courses focus on basic conversational English skills for adults. Higher-level courses progress to advanced conversation and academic English.

Course Title Credit Course ID Continuing Education Course ID
Oral Communication 1 ESOL 0301 COMX 4001
Oral Communication 2 ESOL 0302 COMX 4002
Oral Communication 3 ESOL 0303 COMX 4003
Oral Communication 4 ESOL 0304 COMX 4004
Advanced American Pronunciation ESOL 0309 COMX 4009

Reading & Vocabulary

Level 1 courses focus on easy passages. Higher-level courses progress more to complex academic reading.

Course Title Credit Course ID Continuing Education Course ID
Reading and Vocabulary 1 ESOL 0311 COMX 4011
Reading and Vocabulary  2 ESOL 0312 COMX 4012
Reading and Vocabulary 3 ESOL 0313 COMX 4013
Reading and Vocabulary 4 ESOL 0314 COMX 4014


Level 1 courses focus on sentences and paragraphs. Higher-level courses progress to essays.

Course Title Credit Course ID Continuing Education Course ID
Writing  1 ESOL 0371 COMX 4071
Writing  2 ESOL 0372 COMX 4072
Writing 3 ESOL 0373 COMX 4073
Writing 4 ESOL 0374 COMX 4074


Level 1 courses focus on basic and intermediate grammar structures. Higher-level courses progress to more complex structures.

Course Title Credit Course ID Continuing Education Course ID
Grammar 1 ESOL 0395 COMX 4095
Grammar 2 ESOL 0396 COMX 4096
Grammar 3 ESOL 0397 COMX 4097
Grammar 4 ESOL 0398 COMX 4098