The mission of the Interdisciplinary Studies AA degree in Global Studies is to prepare students to be successful global citizens with global awareness, a global perspective, and a passion to make the world a better place. Students should always consult with an academic or Interdisciplinary Studies faculty advisor regarding transfer to a specific college or university.

The Global Studies focus examines the diversity, complexity and interdependence of the world community. It also provides a broad knowledge base for understanding and analyzing the political, economic, social and cultural aspects of current world problems and issues.

The Global Studies program at ACC fosters the development of skills that further the ability of students, faculty, and community members to participate in an increasingly global society. Through its official curriculum, special events, and service work, the program provides opportunities for students to expand their understanding of and engagement with global citizenship in a variety of ways. These courses and events promote critical thinking about the individual’s role in the world with the overall goal of creating a culturally responsive citizenry.