October 14, 2014

Planetary Self-Defense: The Ethics of Genocide in Science Fiction Or, What Should We Do in the Face of Arachnids, the Borg, Cylons, Daleks, Zombies, and Horrors Between?
7-9pm | Eastview Campus Room 8500
When the aliens, robots, or zombies come to kill us all — can we wipe them out, or would that be stooping to their level? Join us for a discussion of what morality requires in planetary defense.

November 12, 2014

Creativity: The Remix
7-9pm | Eastview Campus Room 8500
Has pure, raw creativity been abandoned due to the ability to infuse technology into the creative process? Should creativity be redefined in an age of Photoshop and digital expression? Is creativity an innate gift or a learned behavior? Join us for an examination of creativity in the 21st century.

February 10, 2015

Mysticism & Sexuality
7-9pm | Eastview Campus Room 8500
Grant Potts, Ph. D., Department Chair of Philosophy, Religion and Humanities at ACC, will discuss sexual symbolism and sexuality as an aspect of mystical traditions across both Western and Eastern religious traditions.

April 15, 2015

Future Generations and the Environment: The Moral Problem of Future People
7-9pm | Eastview Campus Room 8500
Do we have obligations to future generations? If so, what would this entail? By first giving an overview of the problems facing our planet and its inhabitants, such as climate change, overpopulation, and resource depletion, this panel will discuss the various ethical perspectives regarding our duties to future people.


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