Ted Hadzi-Antich Jr. –

Associate Professor of Government and Humanities

Ted is an Associate Professor of Government, Founder of The Great Questions Project and member of the Honors faculty at Austin Community College, where he has taught for over 13 years. He is a graduate of St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD (BA History of Math and Science and Philosophy) and Boston College (MA Political Science). Ted has created several new discussion-based course offerings at Austin Community College related to the study of core-texts, and leads the Great Questions Journey. Ted is the Founder and Executive Director of The Great Questions Foundation 501c3, which seeks to promote discussion-based learning at Community Colleges. His teaching interests include political theory, interdisciplinary humanities and anything that inspires respect and appreciation for truth and beauty.

Courses Taught at ACC
HUMA-1301: Prehistory to Renaissance – Great Questions Seminar
GOVT-2305: American Government – Great Questions and Honors
GOVT-2306: Texas State and Local Government – Great Questions
GOVT-2304: Introduction to Political Science – Great Questions